• More than 15 years of experience

    STS has successfully executed more than 60 automatic tank cleaning projects using the Blabo® system and highly specialised technical staff.

  • Technology tested in different tanks

    The process has been successfully performed in different tank types. This process is carried out with the tank closed using mobile and built-in plants.

  • Maximum efficiency process

    We combine the automatic cleaning of the tank with the recovery of hydrocarbons, thus reducing the execution times, storage capacity losses and cleaning costs.

  • Safety benefits

    Safer operations by reducing the entry of staff to confined spaces, minimising contact with hydrocarbons and staff exposure to hazardous atmospheres.

  • Environmental benefits

    This process considerably reduces the waste produced, minimises the consumption of resources as well as the emissions of substances which are hazardous for the atmosphere and the pollution of land and water.



STS uses BLABO ® System technology. This is an automated, mobile and modular system which enables cleaning the tanks in a closed circuit thus minimising entering inside with a high percentage of hydrocarbon recovery and is applicable both to tanks with a floating or fixed roof which contain crude oil, slops, fuel, etc. These characteristics offer advantages for safety and the environment, reduce execution deadlines and the costs for the customer compared to traditional manual cleaning procedures.


STS has undertaken the Chemical Cleaning activity since 2004, with a wide range of real and effective applications which have been tried and tested by the experience gathered over the years in different refineries in Spain, Portugal, the UK and the rest of Spain. For years our services have been applied to a crude oil preheating exchange unit, crude oil distillation columns, vacuum column and pump-arounds, vacuum exchange unit, desalters, Visbreaker fractionator and soaker, Visbreaker exchange unit etc.