BLABO ®System

The patented BLABO ® system is an automatic, mobile and modular system suited to tanks with floating and fixed roofs which is specially designed to clean large capacity tanks which are difficult to clean. Moreover, the procedure can be personalised to meet your requirements as they arise: if you only require tank cleaning or if you need a complete cleaning process which includes the separation of sludge and hydrocarbon recovery.

Compared to manual cleaning techniques this system performs the cleaning process faster and safer. Given that the system is a closed circuit it reduces the impact on the environment of the cleaning process to a minimum achieving hydrocarbon recovery of almost 100%.

Reduction of occupational risks and cleaning times by recovering virtually 100% of hydrocarbons

Chemical Cleaning


The technology and the products used by STS during chemical cleaning procedures have been designed and devised to be applied as cleaning processes prior to preventive and corrective maintenance downtimes in refineries, thus avoiding the washing, vaporisation and mechanical cleaning process with high pressure water.

This service represents an important change in the traditional downtime procedure, saving costs for scaffolding, extraction, disassembly and mechanical operations. Likewise, it provides greater safety during the operation since cleaning work is not required with staff inside the units. Another saving worth taking into account is the considerable reduction in execution times during each of the cleaning operations.

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