STS The right choice

STS was founded in 1997 to undertake the automatic cleaning of hydrocarbon storage tanks with the recovery of sludge from the petrochemical industry. Our activity is performed using Danish automatic tank cleaning technology called BLABO ® System. Over the years, STS the company has managed to introduce the system in different countries, whilst we were the first to implement automatic cleaning procedures in Spain for Repsol, in Switzerland for Tamoil and in France for Total.

Currently STS is one of the most experienced companies for these types of operations since it has been able to develop and improve the technology by setting up a team of experts who are experienced in undertaking such operations.

STS has carried out Chemical Cleaning procedures since 2004 with a wide range of real, effective applications tried and tested by the experience gathered over the years in different refineries in Spain, Portugal, the UK and the rest of Europe. For years our services have been applied to a crude oil preheating exchange unit, crude oil distillation columns, vacuum column and pump-arounds, vacuum exchange unit, desalters, Visbreaker fractionator and soaker, Visbreaker exchange unit etc.

As a company, STS forms part of the Environmental Group AGALEUS, which, since 2003, is one of the leaders in the environmental sector in the Basque Country and under whose management other industrial activities and services are performed primarily in the waste and energy sector.

Since it was set up STS has successfully executed more than 60 automatic tank cleaning projects. We have experience in cleaning tanks with different characteristics whether they have floating or fixed roofs or the cleaning of storage tanks for diverse products such as crude oil, slops, fuel-oil, etc. Our activity is undertaken primarily in Europe, you can refer to our interactive map for more information on how we work for the most important names in the sector.

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The objective of STS is to be leaders in the tank cleaning market in the petrochemical industry. To achieve this we offer avant-garde solutions which are safe, effective and efficient for non-man entry automatic tank cleaning, with sludge recovery. Our automatic cleaning service considerably improves aspects such as Safety, the Environment and Cost Reductions for our customers compared to manual cleaning procedures.

Occupational Safety

The automation of the cleaning process with BLABO ® System means that the physical presence of technicians inside the tanks is no longer required, thus increasing safety and reducing the possibility of accidents to a minimum.

The Environment

From STS we opt for environmental sustainability. The high percentage of hydrocarbon recovery, of almost 100%, makes our cleaning system effective, efficient and environmentally friendly all at the same time.

Cost Savings

BLABO ® System uses available state-of-the-art technology to considerably reduce execution times, guarantee safety in the cleaning process and achieve a high percentage of hydrocarbon recovery, thus considerably reducing the overall cost of the process.

Since it was set up STS has pursued very specific objectives, whilst always bearing in mind the following ideas which are at the heart of our company policy:

  • Optimisation of RESOURCES MANAGEMENT
  • The application of the BEST TECHNOLOGIES provided they are feasible.
  • Commitment to the PREVENTION OF POLLUTION.
  • Encourage staff TRAINING AND AWARENESS
  • Boost the CORPORATE IMAGE.
  • Commitment to assure SAFE WORKING CONDITIONS.